The following is an excerpt from an article I have recently put together, available in full here.

Like many others in recent weeks I have become something of a ‘party policy watcher’, comparable to those who watch the fascinating antics of dolphins so as to try and understand how their brains work.  As the General Election gets ever nearer, the behaviour of these policy wonks seems to have become ever more erratic, eccentric and represents apparently hopeless organisation behind the scenes.  Much of this seems like stupid decision-making processes and the inability to see the short comings of their own slogans.

To an outsider such as myself this is all enormously frustrating as I seek signs that some politician, somewhere, has both the width of vision to see how and why the education system is broken, and has the human courage, insight and wit to lead a confused and largely compromised people into a better place.  Such leadership necessitates real vision and the most careful handling of public perceptions.