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Important Papers Translated into French

Adolescence a Critical Evolutionary Adaptation (French) 13th January 2005   Can the Learning Species Adapt to Schooling (French) 10th June 2005   Children, Families, Social Capital and Learning (French) By Terry Ryan   Peter Puget and the Grain of the Brain (French) 9th March 2004   When Will We Ever Learn (French) April 2004  

High Politics

In late 2011 when working in Vancouver, I was introduced to George Abbott, then Minister of Education for British Columbia. After a lively evening of discussion about education in British Columbia, we started to explore the possibility of our being related. it quickly transpired that there was a very strong probability that we were third […]

Shaping the New Language of Assessment

March 6, 2014

Presentation can be found here: Association for Achievement and Improvement through Assessment

Design Faults that wreak havoc on English Education

No sooner had Heather and I had finished the writing of ‘Overschooled…’ (May 2008), than the Initiative found it helpful to produce a number of Pre-production copies of this text to help us find a publisher, and hopefully some further sponsors.

Overschooled but Undereducated

As 2006 ended I recognised the need to collect all the ideas and experiences I had gathered from research, and everything I had learnt from discussions around the world since publishing the Policy Paper (1998), by explaining what I meant by ‘overschooled but undereducated’.

The Messiness of Human Learning

The start of 2001 was a time of excitement. Personally I had started to feel confident that, after the traumas of 1999 the initiative was building a firm base on which to push these ideas across the UK, and maybe elsewhere.

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