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What price ‘Intelligence’?

The following short monograph was written by Neil Richards, a Trustee of the 21st Century Learning Initiative in response to the publication of Tony Little’s book, An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Education. As a close associate of John Abbott, he was present at Eton when John and Tony Little first discussed cooperation, in the presence […]

Notes on Readings

August 7, 2014

Notes taken on various readings

The Brilliance of Their Minds

This documentary has a most serious intent. Too often in the past education reform has been more concerned with addressing the obvious symptoms of a problem, rather than addressing the cause of the problem itself. Now in the early 21st century the present arrangements are so overlaid by layer upon layer of ‘quick fix’ solutions […]

The three-legged stool

Appreciating that home, school and community are each integral parts of a balanced education

Towards a totalitarian education system in England

An authoritative overview of the political changes imposed on English education in the last 30 years

Why did we let it happen?

Thoughts on reading “Towards a Totalitarian Education System in England” by Sir Peter Newsam.

School and Curriculum or Learning and Humanity?

To embrace humanity is to embrace life. To talk about life we have to first agree that life is something we want to live.

Deschooling our Humanity

Everywhere not only education but also society as a whole needs “deschooling.”

No Small Matter

The clearest and most succinct explanation of the dilemma facing British society and the possible role of education in providing a solution

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