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Notes on Adolescence

July 12, 2008

Considering The Primal Teen by Barbara Strauch and The Dignity of Difference by Jonathan Sacks. I don’t remember being particularly aware of being a teenager, and by some comparisons I probably had a fairly conflict-free adolescence. I didn’t run away from home, or slam doors all that much. I didn’t have a problem with drink […]

The Initiative in Changing Times

A strategy document outlining the Initiative’s future aims particularly with regards to the pre-publication edition of John Abbott’s new book Overschooled but Undereducated: Society’s Failure to Understand Adolescence

How Should One Live? Rejecting the Perfectibility of Man

May 12, 2008

Considering The Selfish Capitalist by Oliver James, The High Price of Materialism by Tim Kasser, The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz and Artificial Happiness by Ronald Dworkin. Tim Kasser, author of The High Price of Materialism, observes that in times of recession, materialist impulses increase, largely triggered by feelings of insecurity and destabilisation. It seems appropriate, therefore, […]

A Journey Towards an Understanding of Learning: A Headteacher travels with Education 2000 to the 21st Century Learning Initiative

Janet Lawley describes how her work as a Headteacher has intersected with the efforts of Education 2000 and the Initiative over the past decade.

Lieutenant Peter Puget, the grain of the brain and modern society’s failure to understand adolescence

Remember that line of Confucius’s epigram? “Let me do, and I understand”. That’s what our young people desperately need.

Shakespeare and the nature of adolescence: A reconsideration of The Winter’s Tale in the light of recent developments in the fields of neuroscience and evolutionary psychology.

February 16, 2008

In this important article, Peter Birch reconsiders The Winter’s Tale in the light of recent developments in the fields of neuroscience and evolutionary psychology. Available only as a PDF file.

Adolescence; a critical Evolutionary Adaptation

This Paper has been written in response to an increasing concern that formal education, especially at the secondary level, is failing to meet the needs and expectations of young people for an appropriate induction into adult life and responsibilities.

Review: The Myth of Homework and The Case Against Homework

April 4, 2007

This article reviews two books; The Myth of Homework: Why our kids get too much of a bad thing by Alfie Kohn and The Case Against Homework: How homework is hurting our children and what we can do about it by Bennett & Kalish Few topics generate more conversation at the school gate than homework but there […]

Review: Before the Dawn – recovering the lost history of our ancestors by Nicholas Wade

March 29, 2007

This is a 21st Century Learning Initiative sort of book, a masterly synthesis which, like the work of the Initiative, brings together research from a broad range of disciplines to examine one of the fundamental big questions“Where do I come from?”

Curious Teenagers, Busy Parents and Market Forces: Changing the face of education in the 21st Century

September 12, 2006

This interview appeared in Lion Magazine, Wesley College, Sept 2006, Melbourne, Australia John Abbott is the President of the 21st Century Learning Initiative, an organisation dedicated to “exploring new understandings about the brain, human intelligence and human memory in order to better understand human learning and how it can be further facilitated by communities around […]

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