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Born to Learn

What’s a Serious Academic Doing Meddling with Animated Documentary Graphics?

It had been a good three-day conference for the three hundred and twenty or so students at Atlantic College in South Wales. Billed as giving both the introductory talk, and the concluding lecture, I was to be the outside parts of an obviously rich and varied sandwich. But so stimulating had that conference been that […]

The Born to Learn Animations

Profound truths are often so unsettling that people lose themselves in lengthy explanations that ultimately confuse, rather than clarify.   This is a very human trait which starts as the youngest children begin to form straightforward explanations as to how they see ideas fitting together. But unless they replace such earlier ‘naive’ explanations as they […]

Exciting developments on the way

October 10, 2012

Over the last two months we have been looking at how we can develop our websites so that they are more accessible and so that our friends and supporters can more easily interact with us and each other. Our aim is to simplify the Born to Learn website and to make our 21st Century Learning […]

Three tensions at the heart of education

September 7, 2012

Is education a public service or is it for an individual’s private gain? This question has been asked for at least the last two thousand years. There are two fundamental issues in education. One, is education primarily for the indivdual’s gain or two, is education for society’s benefit? In looking at these issues we discover […]

10 steps towards a better education: the list in full

August 29, 2012

To round off our recent series on 10 steps towards a better education we list all 10 steps and link off to the related blog post. The 10 steps first appeared as a part of our briefing paper for British parliamentarians, which is why they talk about ‘parliament’. We hope you find these steps useful […]

We should allow our children to be passionate from day one!

August 24, 2012

Thankyou to Yolande for sharing these thoughts on her education so far. Read other reactions to our animations here. I worry about the current education system in England (where I live). I am sixteen, going on seventeen, have finished all of my GCSEs and am now working through A-levels. I find that now I’m in […]

Engaging Students: What Works

August 21, 2012

Born to Learn is delighted to be able to share this piece written in Learn magazine, a magazine produced by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. Learn asked students from Gulf Islands Secondary School to write a column sharing their thoughts on the importance of student engagement in BC’s education system. This is their contribution, […]

10 steps towards a better education: #10 A Matter of Trust

August 9, 2012

In our tenth and final step on developing better education for our children, we look at why governments need to have faith in their people and communities and to support education for the welfare and development of democracy. These 10 steps first appeared as a part of a briefing paper for British parliamentarians. They could […]

10 steps towards a better education: #9 The Case for the All-through School

August 3, 2012

In the ninth of our 10 steps on developing better education for our children, we look at the case for the all-through school. These 10 steps first appeared as a part of our briefing paper for British parliamentarians, which is why they talk about ‘parliament’. They could equally apply to many governments around the world […]

Reflections on the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony

July 31, 2012

The opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics on Saturday  Friday night provided a spectacular romp through British history and achievement – from Shakespeare and the workers of rural England to the engineering brilliance of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the political nerve and persistence of the Suffragettes and the musical talents of the likes of Dizzee […]

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