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Important Papers Translated into French

Adolescence a Critical Evolutionary Adaptation (French) 13th January 2005   Can the Learning Species Adapt to Schooling (French) 10th June 2005   Children, Families, Social Capital and Learning (French) By Terry Ryan   Peter Puget and the Grain of the Brain (French) 9th March 2004   When Will We Ever Learn (French) April 2004  

No Small Matter

The clearest and most succinct explanation of the dilemma facing British society and the possible role of education in providing a solution

Schools in the Future: What has to Change, and Why

An explanation of why, in the light of recent research on the nature of human learning, the present Western, essentially Anglo, system of schooling is both upside down in terms of its distribution of resources, and inside out in terms of its excessive dependence on school-as-place; on formal as opposed to informal learning, and on the teacher as instructor rather than as facilitator.

A Briefing Paper for Parliamentarians on the Design Faults at the Heart of English Education

With a General Election in England to be held sometime before June 2010 the Initiative has just produced A Briefing Paper for Parliamentarians on the Design Faults at the Heart of English Education. This will be circulated for all Members, hopefully before the Summer Recess. At the same time the Initiative will do everything it can to stimulate wide popular discussion of the Ten Actions as set out in the Paper by encouraging all Parliamentary candidates to consider the significance of these issues.

Battery Hens or Free Range Chickens What Kind of Education for What Kind of World?

This presentation was given by John Abbott as the keynote speech to the Canadian Child Care Federation’s Linking Research to Practice: Second Canadian Forum held in Ottawa in November 1999. Note: the ideas in this speech are developed much further in the Initiative’s Policy Paper which is available as a PDF file. Politicians in many lands […]

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