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Folder 6: 2000

Aide-memoire sent to Downing Street

Ten Point Memorandum Submitted to the Downing Street Policy Unit January 2001   Dear Richard O’Neil, It was good to have the opportunity of speaking with you on Friday. I thought it might be helpful to summarise the points that Terry and I were making. They are as follows: What we mean by learning and […]

The Learning Story of Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

The Meaning of Learning Project Learning Development Institute

Transforming Public Schooling into Community Learning

PDF: Transforming Public Schooling into Community Learning

The Wiltshire Training Programme Essential Reading

Community as the Web of Learning Making Connections The Biological Roots of Learning The New Economy’s Impact on Learning The Science of Learning

The Wiltshire Training Programme: An Introduction

Dowload as DOCx Wiltshire training programme_Introduction

Learning: Seeing the Big Picture

February 20, 2000

Download as PDF Wiltshire_Learning_Seeing the Big Picture

The Child is Father of the Man: How humans learn and why

Published in 1999 by Network Educational Press. Available at Amazon. Review of John Abott’s The Child is the Father of the Man by Gerald Haigh of The Times Educational Supplement (4 Feb., 2000). (c) Times Supplements Limited “Politicians and industrialists listened to Abbott’s plea for less emphasis on schools and teaching and more on community and […]

The Search for Expertise

Being an English academic working with researchers outside the United Kingdom offers me the opportunity to relate British events to what is happening in other countries. Distance certainly lends a sense of perspective, if not always enchantment!

This article was prepared by John Abbott for The Independent newspaper in Great Britain. The article appeared in Information Technology and the Comprehensive Ideal published in London in 1997.

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