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Folder 8: 2002

Letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair

December 6, 2002

Download as PDF: Letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair_and response

Values and Ethics – Can I make a difference?

Presentation at the CEIFIN Institute, County Clare Ceifin Institute Values and Ethics – can I make a difference? 8th November 2002     A Framework for a New Reality     What, you may well be wondering, could have conspired to bring a father and son team to be standing up in front of you at […]

Subsidiarity or, in other words, Doing it Yourself

The thoughts in this essay have materialized over a long period. I was finally prompted to write this by questions raised about Subsidiarity in Lorne, Australia in August 2002, by head teachers at their conferences in Slough, Pembrokeshire, Ealing and Essex the following month, and by administrators from the Association of the Independent Schools of […]

So, What’s the Story?

July 20, 2002

CONFED summer conference Download as DOCX: ConFed Conference_So What’s The Story

Developing the Potential of All Pupils

Presentation to the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation, Mullingar Download as PDF Irish National Teachers_Developing the potential…

Individualism, Community and Learning

February 20, 2002

Download as PDF: Individualism, Community and Learning

Richness and Diversity: Reconstructing Civil Society

February 20, 2002

Download as PDF: Richness and Diversity_Dundalk

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