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Folder 11: 2005

Important Papers Translated into French

Adolescence a Critical Evolutionary Adaptation (French) 13th January 2005   Can the Learning Species Adapt to Schooling (French) 10th June 2005   Children, Families, Social Capital and Learning (French) By Terry Ryan   Peter Puget and the Grain of the Brain (French) 9th March 2004   When Will We Ever Learn (French) April 2004  

The 99 Theses on Shaping a Better World

The ninety-nine Theses which follow have been complied from many sources, all of which I hope I’ve acknowledged appropriately in the appendix. They range across many specialised subjects, but they are linked, at least in my mind, to how it is that young people should be educated in a way sufficient to enable them to act responsibly both in their private lives, and as members of a democracy. As the author my task has been to synthesise an array of material into what amounts to ninety-nine separate mini-essays, which together tell a story.

Learning for the Future: The Rain Forest Model

Opening enthusiasm about BSF tinged with major concerns about its simplicity

It’s All About Learning

By the  Vancouver School Board PDF: Its All About Learning

Papers relating to political discussions about ‘from teaching to learning’

July 17, 2005

Download Papers relating to political discussions about ‘from teaching to learning’ (.pdf)

“The Future is Ours to Make” Ensuring that the energy of adolescence is used to benefit society

March 17, 2005

In such a world as we may envisage, do we want our children to grow up as battery hens, or free range chickens?

Using the Grain of the Brain

March 10, 2005

Download Using the Grain of the Brain (.doc)

Can the Learning Species fit into schools?

If we humans are the planet’s pre-eminent learning species surely none but the most obdurate of young people should readily accept the benign conditions of the classroom?

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