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Folder 13: 2007 – 2008

A List of Useful Quotations

Useful Quotations “It is impossible to bring children up to be intelligent in a world that is not intelligible to them.”  E130, E668, Thesis 12 The Need to Know. “Children need communities, communities need children.”  Children need Communities, John Abbott “If we apply the wrong model of learning for the best of reasons we will […]

Overschooled but Undereducated

As 2006 ended I recognised the need to collect all the ideas and experiences I had gathered from research, and everything I had learnt from discussions around the world since publishing the Policy Paper (1998), by explaining what I meant by ‘overschooled but undereducated’.

Selected reviews of Overschooled but Undereducated external-link

Reviews of John Abbott and Heather McTaggart’s book Overschooled but Undereducated can be viewed here.

Occasional Pieces: All Hands to the Sink

For the dishwasher or the microwave to breakdown just before the family descends for a long Bank Holiday weekend can be a disaster.  An older generation is made painfully aware that their children know little of those time-consuming household chores that were such a feature of their own childhood – washing up dishes, peeling potatoes, […]

Occasional Pieces: Education: A Question of Democracy

To send your child to the local school, or decide to go private, is a question that splits families apart.  Is education primarily for private gain, or for the public good?  And, if it’s for both, how does this work out?  Although we rarely see it in these terms, isn’t this actually a question about […]

Occasional Pieces: Teachers Good and Bad

Pupils can often be the best judges of the quality of their teachers – not necessarily immediately for who likes to be told that they are lazy, illogical or downright stupid!. It is only years later that we recall how, in often less than spectacular ways, those people who made us what we are. The […]

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