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When Kids Come First

When Kids Come First

Foundational Thoughts

“At present there are differences of opinion….for all peoples do not agree as to the things that the young ought to learn, either with a view to virtue or with a view to the best life, nor is it clear whether their studies should be regulated with regard to intellect or with regard to character.” […]

The three-legged stool

Appreciating that home, school and community are each integral parts of a balanced education

Towards a totalitarian education system in England

An authoritative overview of the political changes imposed on English education in the last 30 years

Facing an Inconvenient Truth and Doing something about it

If not since the beginning of time, at least over the past half dozen millennia, older generations concerned about the future wellbeing of their societies have pondered the question (and  the mystery) of how  young people learn. So profound was Confucius’ observation two and a half thousand years ago; “tell me and I forget, show […]

The 99 Theses on Shaping a Better World

The ninety-nine Theses which follow have been complied from many sources, all of which I hope I’ve acknowledged appropriately in the appendix. They range across many specialised subjects, but they are linked, at least in my mind, to how it is that young people should be educated in a way sufficient to enable them to act responsibly both in their private lives, and as members of a democracy. As the author my task has been to synthesise an array of material into what amounts to ninety-nine separate mini-essays, which together tell a story.

Why did we let it happen?

Thoughts on reading “Towards a Totalitarian Education System in England” by Sir Peter Newsam.

Too Busy to Think

Avoiding being drowned by information Long before emails were invented, and before the days of the fax and 24/7 news,  in fact the year I first became a headmaster, an older and wiser man gave me an excellent piece of advice.  “Every morning divide the contents of your in-tray into two piles… one for the […]


It’s high summer.The days are long, often warm and frequently hot.Thoughts turn to holidays, the chance to relax and meander through a part of the country you don’t know well.You look forward to simply going where the mood takes you. Which, of course, is what our ancestors back in the distant centuries did all the […]

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