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Folder 15: Briefing Paper – British General Election, 2009 – May 2010

Don’t Fence me In

The wonder of adolescence Mike Perham was fourteen when he first sailed across the Atlantic single-handedly; sixteen when he set off around the world, and seventeen by the time he returned to Portsmouth last Saturday.  Evidently, Jessica Watson, aged sixteen, is hoping to set out to beat Perham’s round-the-world record later this month in Pink […]

Slow Learners

A matter of democracy Chris Woodhead, writing in The Sunday Times about examination results, said “children are not equal.  Physically they come in all shapes and sizes… some have a capacity for academic education, others do not…”  Which is true in all respects but one; while it is self-obvious that they don’t all look, or […]

Stand Firm

A test of resolution Turbulent times call for strong nerves. Walking along the canal to my office early last week I was admiring the heron standing on the opposite bank, its beak poised to thrust into any fish swimming its way. Overhead several seagulls, encouraged inland by the lack of fish in the Bristol Channel […]

Evolution for the Good of the Group external-link

The Process known as group selection as once accepted unthinkingly, then was widely discredited; it’s time for a more discriminating assessment

Face to Face with the Stone Age: Master and Apprentice Chapter 15 external-link

Unique opportunity to understand personal study of one of the last surviving Hunter/Gatherer societies, the Hadza in Tanzania

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