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Folder 5: December 1998

The Essence of Learning

Download as PDF The Child is Father of the Man_A Review

The Child is Father of the Man: How humans learn and why

Published in 1999 by Network Educational Press. Available at Amazon. Review of John Abott’s The Child is the Father of the Man by Gerald Haigh of The Times Educational Supplement (4 Feb., 2000). (c) Times Supplements Limited “Politicians and industrialists listened to Abbott’s plea for less emphasis on schools and teaching and more on community and […]

The Initiative’s Response to the APS Report

Download as PDF Initiative’s Response to APS Critique Read the original APS Critique

The Report of Atlantic Philanthropic Services

Download as PDF Report of Atlantic Philanthropic Services_Prof. Hyland

Contrasting Visions for the World of Education

Download as a PDF Contrasting Visions for the World of Edcuation_S_Pace-Marshall

Battery Hens, or Free Range Chickens: What Kind of Education for What Kind of World

The following is a version of the lecture John Abbott gave to the North of England Education Conference in Sunderland on January 7, 1999. This speech is very similar to those he has given recently elsewhere. The boxes represent the slides used during the presentation.

Policy Paper

The Initiative’s Policy Paper from November 1998 is the most detailed description of our work and is necessary reading for anyone interested the ideas and research accumulated by the Initiative. The document is available as a PDF file.

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