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Folder 16: 2010 – 2013

Breaking New Ground

Working with Jeff Hopkins, previously Superintendent of the highly successful Gulf islands School Board District on Vancouver Island over a number of years resulted in 2013 in the opening of PSII – the Pacific School of Innovation and Improvement. See their Prospectus

Britain’s education system is being tested to destruction external-link

A highly influential article that stimulated much public debate

When one door closes, another may open

Living in England but increasingly involved in Canada, and a continuing participation in ideas percolating through other countries, the British General Election of May 2010 caused the Initiative and myself to catch our collective breaths, and in the process fearing we could be gasping our last.

A Complete and Generous Education: Creating Big Society

A proposal specifically directed to Oliver Letwin, Minister without portfolio in the UK Government

A Proposal based on the revitalisation of Civil Society

What the country needs now… revitalisation of civil society

Deciphering Political Thinking in the UK

An account unpacking conflicting political expectations

Nearly there but Not Quite

January 28, 2011

Funding application laying out the Initiative’s expectations for education and the conflict with present education policy

No Small Matter

The clearest and most succinct explanation of the dilemma facing British society and the possible role of education in providing a solution

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