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Folder 16: 2010 – 2013

Further Thoughts from a Safe Haven

Development of Initiative policy over the summer months

Seeking a Safe Haven

Development of Initiative policy over the summer months

Schools in the Future: What has to Change, and Why

An explanation of why, in the light of recent research on the nature of human learning, the present Western, essentially Anglo, system of schooling is both upside down in terms of its distribution of resources, and inside out in terms of its excessive dependence on school-as-place; on formal as opposed to informal learning, and on the teacher as instructor rather than as facilitator.

Memo to all Trustees

The alternatives, their implications and their costs

U-Start Prospectus

January 28, 2010

An exciting proposal to draw some of the most thoughtful 17-18 year-olds into some practical experience of teaching

What the 21st Century Learning Initiative is all about

An accessible exploration of the theoretical model

The 21st Century Learning Initiative Strategic Plan

A theoretically correct, if politically almost impossible, set of directions

Stormy Weather

Development of Initiative policy over the summer months

Executive summary of the Route Map

A most substantial proposal for solving the educational dilemma of a major city

A Premise that Wanders into nomad’s Land external-link

January 28, 2010

TES review of Overschooled but Undereducated, June 2010

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