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The Eye of the Storm: An overview of the relationship of all the separate folders

A Failure of Democracy: A Current Postscript

A Failure of Democracy: A Current Postscript English Education at the start of the 21st Century[1] John Abbott, in a discussion with his assistant of five years Jim Robinson, reflects on the political and philanthropic landscapes, and the rise of globalised solutions… Jim Robinson (JR): I came to work with the Initiative in September 2010, […]

The case for a major 90-minute television documentary

  The Context   Civilisation can never be taken for granted for it depends on a constant supply of responsible and tough new adolescents to replace the worn-out skills of their elders. Education is a multifaceted process that policy makers in many countries simplify and codify at society’s peril, for to put excessive faith in […]

What’s a Serious Academic Doing Meddling with Animated Documentary Graphics?

It had been a good three-day conference for the three hundred and twenty or so students at Atlantic College in South Wales. Billed as giving both the introductory talk, and the concluding lecture, I was to be the outside parts of an obviously rich and varied sandwich. But so stimulating had that conference been that […]

The Born to Learn Animations

Profound truths are often so unsettling that people lose themselves in lengthy explanations that ultimately confuse, rather than clarify.   This is a very human trait which starts as the youngest children begin to form straightforward explanations as to how they see ideas fitting together. But unless they replace such earlier ‘naive’ explanations as they […]

The Brilliance of Their Minds

This documentary has a most serious intent. Too often in the past education reform has been more concerned with addressing the obvious symptoms of a problem, rather than addressing the cause of the problem itself. Now in the early 21st century the present arrangements are so overlaid by layer upon layer of ‘quick fix’ solutions […]

The Eye of the Storm

The 21st Century Learning Initiative grew out of the merger in 1985 of the theoretical/policy driven views of the Education 2000 trustees (a national body established two years earlier under the Patronage of the Duke of Edinburgh), with the more broadly based practical understandings of change described in a local Feasibility Study known as ‘Hertfordshire […]

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