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Folder 1: Up to 1987

Some thoughts on the implications of technological change, and high levels of unemployment, on schools

“Mankind is in the middle of a revolution which has every prospect of making a more significant impact on our way of life than did the Industrial Revolution….. The end of the twentieth century is the mind stretching age of technological change; the ingenuity of mankind seems able to open doors that we hardly knew […]

The Difficult Birth of a Transformative Idea; The story up to 1987

Emphasis was placed on community involvement and responsibility; the utilisation of technology in an open and more dynamic forms of learning; re-orientating the curriculum and preparing young people for adulthood in times of rapid and complex change; through both formal and informal learning.

1981 Letter from the Headmaster to the Times Editor

  Alleyne’s School Stevenage Hertfordshire SG1 3BE From The Headmaster 15th October 1981.   ‘Letters to the Editor’, The Times, P. O. Box 7, 200 Grays Inn Road, London  WC1K SEK.   Dear Sir, Sir William van Straubenzee recently warned the new Secretary of State for Education ‘that cuts in education had not just cut […]

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