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Thesis 89 – Playful Discovery

September 30, 2012

To be playful is to be secure and confident enough to enjoy experimenting with new ideas.  Students who ultimately get the most out of school, and have the highest expectations for the future, are those who have been fortunate enough to find school more play-like than work-like1.   The English take work very seriously; it […]

Thesis 86 – Sex on the Brain

“License my roving hands, and let them go Behind, before, above, between, below Oh my America, my new found land, My kingdom, safeliest when with one man manned”1   Humans have been preoccupied with sex from long before our fantasising ancestors produced phallic carvings, painted on cave walls, or used all the imagery of John […]

Thesis 17 – The Pursuit of Happiness

Children born in the early 21st century will be heirs to more than fifty years of extraordinary technical and economic developments which have fundamentally changed the way the England of their grandparents once lived.  Does this mean that history has nothing useful to tell them, for life is apparently easier, the choices more extensive, and […]

Thesis 3 – The Amazing Brain

[Please scroll down to listen to an audio version of this thesis] The human race is the planet’s pre-eminent learning species − it is our brains that give us our superiority, not our muscles.  The brain has evolved over vast periods of time to become the most complex organism in the known universe.  It is […]

The Story, so Far

Can we – in this generation that knows so much about where we have come from – help our children to be wise rather than greedy?

Leaders, Learners and the Hero’s Journey

Delivered before the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development March 19, 1996 by Stephanie Pace Marshall, President of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.

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