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Clever Girl

Emotional Intelligence It’s a month now since the media sought photographs of teenagers jumping for joy as they flourished their  A-Level and GCSE results.  Featuring one such girl our local paper asked “Is this Britain’s brightest girl”, explained that she had achieved eleven grade A’s at GCSE.  Her father, the paper noted as they sought […]

Slow Learners

A matter of democracy Chris Woodhead, writing in The Sunday Times about examination results, said “children are not equal.  Physically they come in all shapes and sizes… some have a capacity for academic education, others do not…”  Which is true in all respects but one; while it is self-obvious that they don’t all look, or […]

A Statistical Distraction

August 21, 2009

A-Levels and all that The media had been fermenting interest in the A-Level results for weeks, so there was little surprise that the pass rate had improved by a further 0.8% to 97.5%.  This was the 27th successive annual improvement, a straight line which, taken literally, would suggest reaching perfection in three or four years’ […]

Teaching for Understanding

This article first appeared in the appeared in the Fall, 1993 issue of American Educator, the journal of The American Federation of Teachers. We reprint it here with permission of AFT and of Professor Perkins, co-director of Project Zero at the Harvard University.

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