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Propelled into Troubled Waters

A Recap: Where we are now.  During the first five or six years of this century the Initiative had put enormous energies into delivering lectures and training programmes in response to numerous invitations in England from local education authorities; from the Canadian Council on Learning, and comparable groups in other countries.  In England (the home […]

Running too Fast

It’s not simply on bad days that we feel we are running too fast; even when things are going well we just don’t have enough time to think.


The scenes of carnage in Haiti, following the earthquake of last week and the estimated 200,000 dead, is horribly reminiscent of The Road.  Scenes of looting, fighting with knives over loaves of bread, and police shooting to kill as a way of re-establishing civil order, showed just how quickly society can collapse.  A photograph  showing […]

Contracts, or Covenants?

February 27, 2009

It has been going on for far too long, this bashing of bankers for the bonuses they regard as their rights, even though the banks for which they were responsible have been bailed out with hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money.  Yet today’s headlines were stark… “I’m keeping every penny.  Sir Fred Goodwin “won’t budge […]

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