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Asking the still unanswered questions

John Abbott in discussion with his Assistant Jim Robinson…   Jim Robinson (JR): John, whilst editing the Initiative’s papers for the Timeline, it seems that there were a number of significant conversations going on in 2006 – in Canada and Ireland – which could, had circumstances allowed, have been real ‘game-changing’ events.   John Abbott […]

A Failure of Democracy: A Current Postscript

A Failure of Democracy: A Current Postscript English Education at the start of the 21st Century[1] John Abbott, in a discussion with his assistant of five years Jim Robinson, reflects on the political and philanthropic landscapes, and the rise of globalised solutions… Jim Robinson (JR): I came to work with the Initiative in September 2010, […]

Relearning Learning: An Interview with John Abbott

John Abbott is worried about our children and our future.

But the president of the 21st Century Learning Initiative is an optimist, and part of his power for change in the way communities view education is his contagious enthusiasm, and emerging optimism that says communities have the knowledge, the power and technology to use the human capacity for learning to transform the world.

This article first appeared in the March 21, 1999 Winona (Minnesota) Daily News.

Interview between Ted Marchese and John Abbott

John Abbott and Ted Marchese Appeared in the American Association of Higher Education Bulletin (1996).

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