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John Abbott, Director

February 17, 2008

John Abbott is the president of the 21st Century Learning Initiative and curator in chief of our archive. So, who is John Abbott? My shortened C.V. records that for 20 years I taught first at Manchester Grammar School and then was Headmaster of an old 16th Century Grammar School as it converted to a Comprehensive […]

Janet Lawley, Fellow

February 17, 2008

Former teacher, headmaster and member of the United Kingdom’s National Curriculum Council. My teaching career began in 1960 and took me to schools in the north and south of England, and from a state comprehensive via a selective grammar school to a sixth form college. I was first and foremost a teacher and my job […]

Al Shanker, President, American Federation of Teachers

December 12, 1991

The ultimate exponent of fundamental change in education based on emerging research

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