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Towards a totalitarian education system in England

An authoritative overview of the political changes imposed on English education in the last 30 years

Deschooling our Humanity

Everywhere not only education but also society as a whole needs “deschooling.”

The Evolution of Despair

Collapse of civility “Millions of Britons unable to cope with modern life,” the Young Foundation reported last week portraying Britain as a psychologically fragile society where increasing wealth is often accompanied by soaring levels of individual isolation and distrust. What goes around, it seems comes around.  It was 14 years since Time Magazine published The […]

The Comment that Backfired

Community I’m certain that Margaret Thatcher meant well when she questioned, in that article in Women’s Own in 1987, whether there is such a thing as society.  But it’s a comment that, twisted ever so slightly, has come to haunt social and political policy.  The comment was made as Thatcher rounded on all those whose […]

It’s Really Very Simple … The Solution to England’s Education Problem

The solution to England’s education problem will be very simple once the country comes to appreciate the damage still being done by two Victorian myths that haunt everyday thinking.

Ten Years On

It is almost exactly ten years to the day that I completed the writing of The Child is the Father of the Man; How Humans Learn and Why.  As a private publication – it came out under the imprint of Education 2000, the predecessor of The 21st Century Learning Initiative – it sold over 10,000 […]

First shot

February 11, 2009

I am a complete stranger to the world of blogging but from what I have heard it could benefit my thinking as Director of the 21st Century Learning Initiative, by sharing my thoughts on an almost daily basis with colleagues around the world might lead to some useful dialogue. Much of the time my thoughts will […]

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