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Thesis 13 – What is Life?

With the advent of consciousness humans started to ask the apparently unanswerable questions, questions that take us to the supreme heights of human achievement, and into the depths of despair.  Not for us the unreflective life of a dog, or even possibly a chimpanzee; we humans try to solve the riddle of existence by posing […]

Why did we let it happen?

Thoughts on reading “Towards a Totalitarian Education System in England” by Sir Peter Newsam.

School and Curriculum or Learning and Humanity?

To embrace humanity is to embrace life. To talk about life we have to first agree that life is something we want to live.

The making of teachers

A question of degree It is hard to fault David Cameron’s comment that, when a child steps through the school gates for the first time, the most important thing is who the teacher is.  To have a teacher who understands the child’s emotional and intellectual needs, and appreciates the journey that the child is embarking […]

Introducing AML

The Apprenticeship Model of Learning Human behaviour fascinates us as much today as it did the philosophers of old.  Yet it is only recently that scientists have begun to unravel just why it is that we think as we do – and why that thinking can go badly wrong.  Drawing together the research from the […]

Buying Votes

Failure of leadership William Hogarth’s set of four satirical cartoons, Canvassing for Votes, published in 1758, showed prospective parliamentary candidates pouring beer down the throats of their constituents in the expectation of buying their votes.  We smile tolerantly at such stupidity, and reassure ourselves that nothing so stupid could happen nowadays, thanks to the rules […]

Privatisation and Vocationalism

School governance A day or so before the Conservative Party Conference someone let slip that, in addition to providing for up to 5,000 primary schools to become parent-run Academies, the Party would make it possible (by a liberal interpretation of the law) for these to be run on a profit-making basis.  This, it was argued, […]

Things Take Time

Knowledge transfer It was in the early 1980s that several business people and educationalists came together to consider whether there was a role they could play in helping education become more relevant to the needs of a technological age.  They had noted with dismay the findings of a recent Engineering Council report which showed that, […]

School Teachers

The Best Possible The papers are again full of what qualifications youngsters should have before training to be a teacher, and then what assessment tests should be applied (and how often) to keep them up to the mark.  Just what is it that we think that teachers should be able to do, and how should […]

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